Partnering to...

Eradicate poverty and make life meaningful for the less privileged in Nigeria

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

As an empowerment organization, we go in search of causes and initiatives that will improve lives and communities, and then provide funds to support such causes.


— We Build Networks

A major goal of Uprising NGO, is to network with well meaning organizations and individuals within and outside the country, to help improve communities in Nigeria.


— We Strengthen

We provide support to strengthen the government’s efforts at poverty alleviation and community development.


— We Educate

Uprising has education as a core part of its operations. We provide access to quality education in local communities in Nigeria.


— We Provide Care

One of the major needs of communities in Nigeria is good healthcare. We work to provide access to quality healthcare delivery in these communities.


— We Consult

We also consult for international donor agencies and organizations and the Nigerian government on poverty alleviation and community development.

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

Our major focus at Uprising is the provision of education to disadvantaged children in Nigeria. We partner with individuals and organizations to give scholarships to these less privileged kids. We also encourage the girl-child education in Northern Nigeria.

Uprising NGO Housing Scheme
Rehabilitating internally displaced Nigerians

With the current spate of banditry, Terrorism and herdsmen attacks in Nigeria, a lot of families in rural areas are being displaced. We help to rehabilitate these families by providing shelter for them in secured environments.

Supporting Farmers with Farm inputs and Machinery

Access to farm inputs and machinery is a major challenge for rural farmers and this contributes to the growth of poverty. We help by providing quality seedlings and farming equipment/ machinery to rural farmers.

Creating jobs through Vocational training

We understand that to eradicate poverty the people must have jobs/means of livelihood, hence we create job opportunities for them by providing vocational skill training for youths and widows in the urban and rural villages in Nigeria.

Providing FREE Quality Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare is a major challenge in rural areas and urban villages in Nigeria. Good health is a basic need for every human, so at Uprising we partner with organizations  to provide FREE healthcare services to the less privileged Nigerians.

Providing Clean Water and Basic Sanitation Facilities

According to aid agencies, more than 33% of Nigeria’s population do not have access to clean water, and an estimated 100 million Nigerians still lack basic sanitation facilities. Uprising works to ensure these water and sanitation gaps are met.