Joining Hands to ...

make life meaningful for Nigerians

Who We Are

Building a Nigeria where the less privileged have access to equal opportunities as others

Uprising Grass-root Empowerment Initiative is a nongovernmental organization aimed at eradicating poverty and making life meaningful for the less privileged in Nigeria. We carry out these objectives by partnering with well-meaning individuals, private organizations, international donors and governments, to:

– Provide scholarship to the less privileged and out of school children in Nigeria.
– Provide low-cost housing to the internally displaced persons.
– Provide seedlings and farming equipment/ machinery to farmers.
– Create job opportunities and vocational skill training to youths and widows in the urban and rural areas in Nigeria.
– Provide free healthcare services to the less privileged.
– Support the education of the girl-child in the northern part of Nigeria.

Our Approach

We Facilitate the growth of a better Nigeria

We understand that no nation can be said to be prosperous if a large population of her citizens live below the poverty line and cannot access basic amenities.

The Nigerian situation is one that requires urgent attention and all hands must be on deck to solve the problem of poverty, especially in the rural areas. According to the Nigerian Living Standards Survey (NLSS) report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) covering the year 2019, 40.1% of Nigerians are classified as poor by national standards. The report also shows that 52.1% of rural dwellers in Nigeria are poor, while 18.04% of urban dwellers are classified as poor. This statistics is a call to action, and we have answered that call.

We have answered the call to help eradicate poverty and making life meaningful for less privileged Nigerians, especially in the rural areas. You too can answer this call and join us in this cause.

— Our Mission

Our mission is to build a Nigeria where there is equal opportunity for all and life is made meaningful for the less privileged by giving them access to basic amenities.

— Our Vision

To Eradicate poverty and make life meaningful for the less privileged in Nigeria.

— Our Story

Our story is one of passion and commitment to humanity. We are a group of individuals who are professionals in various fields, dedicating our time, efforts and resources towards achieving a better Nigeria for all. We have dedicated our lives to this cause and will continue to do all we can to achieve our vision. We contribute our quota and partner with both individual and corporate donors to achieve our objectives. We are on a journey and need you to join us in this fight.